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My article today, BEST THINGS TO DO IN THE PHILIPPINES TRAVEL 2023, will help you explore the captivating and alluring beauty of the Philippines in no time.

The Philippines is gifted with eye-catching long stretches of white beaches, with fresh, clean crystal clear water islands.


The Philippines is rich in biodiversity and marine life.

Has memorable island-hopping, trekking adventures, diving tours, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, sightseeing, trips, historical landmarks, natural wonders, and many more.

You can enjoy and discover a very affordable country to visit.



Philippines travel advisory updates and re-opened destinations.

The Philippines is a tropical and archipelagic country. Comprising of 7,641 islands.

Placing the fifth world’s largest island country.
Located in the western Pacific Ocean in southeast Asia.


With the three main islands: LUZON, VISAYAS, and MINDANAO.

Luzon is the largest northern part, including MANILA as the capital city of the PHILIPPINES.

The Visayas is known as a group of islands, and Mindanao is the 2nd largest island at the southern end.



The Philippines travel guide has a new inbound travel advisory Updated as of April 2023.

All countries are not required to quarantine to fully vaccinated tourists.

Announcing accepting all foreign nationals and their children are welcome to visit the Philippines.

If you are fully vaccinated then you are no longer required to present a pre-departure test.

The vaccine used must be approved by the Food and Drug Administration Philippines or the World Health Organization.


Use the widget below to search for VISA information around the world.

An online travel visa check will simplify your travel documents.
Trusted and Reliable for most travelers.


Please read the Link given below for your full reading regarding requirements and instructions.


For VISA Information:

You may contact the Visa Department of Foreign Affairs – Philippines at #+63 2 556-0000 or any Consulate / Philippine Embassy abroad.

Philippines Tourism
Philippines Tourism

Learn More


Other Important Information for Philippine Travel


etravel gov ph

Philippine Embassy

Bureau of Immigration Philippines




Filipino’s choice of local travel destinations is diversely stunning and vividly showcases our heritage. Statistics show reports last 2022, the top spots belong to beautiful locations in our very own archipelago.

Learn More


1. Boracay

2. Baguio

3. Palawan

4. Siargao

5. Cebu

6. Bohol

7. Batangas

8. Puerto Galera

9. Vigan

10. Tagaytay




 Guide to Siargao Best things to do

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The Philippines offers a wide range of activities and attractions for travelers.

Here are 15 top things to do in the Philippines for 2024:


1. Explore Palawan: Visit El Nido, Coron, and Puerto Princesa to experience stunning beaches, limestone cliffs, and vibrant marine life.


2. Go island hopping: Discover the beauty of the Philippines’ many islands, including Boracay, Siargao, Bohol, and Cebu.


3. Dive in Tubbataha Reef: Dive into one of the world’s best diving spots, renowned for its diverse marine life and pristine coral reefs.


Tubbataha Reef Tourism. Information

Tubbataha Reef Tourism. Dive Operators


4. Climb Mount Pulag: Trek to the summit of the third-highest peak in the Philippines for breathtaking sunrise views above the clouds.


5. Visit Chocolate Hills: Marvel at the unique geological formations in Bohol, which resemble chocolate kisses, especially during the dry season.


6. Experience Filipino festivals: Join colorful celebrations like the Ati-Atihan Festival, Sinulog Festival, and Dinagyang Festival to witness traditional dances, music, and costumes.

7. Explore Intramuros: Step back in time and wander through the historic walled city of Manila, filled with Spanish colonial architecture and cultural landmarks.

8. Relax in Batanes: Escape to the remote islands of Batanes, where you can enjoy pristine landscapes, rolling hills, and rugged coastlines.

9. Try Filipino cuisine: Indulge in local delicacies like adobo, sinigang, lechon, and halo-halo, as well as street food favorites found in markets and food stalls.


10. Swim with whale sharks: Head to Donsol or Oslob for a thrilling encounter with gentle giants in their natural habitat.

11. Explore the rice terraces of Banaue: Trek through the UNESCO World Heritage-listed rice terraces of Banaue and immerse yourself in indigenous culture.


12. Relax in a beach resort: Unwind at luxury beach resorts in destinations like Panglao, Mactan, or Amanpulo, where you can enjoy world-class amenities and services.


13. Visit Mayon Volcano: Admire the perfectly symmetrical cone of Mayon Volcano in Albay and explore the surrounding landscapes and colonial-era churches.

14. Learn about Philippine history and culture: Visit museums such as the National Museum of the Philippines and the Ayala Museum to delve into the country’s rich heritage.

15. Go surfing in Siargao: Ride the waves in the surfing capital of the Philippines, known for its epic breaks, laid-back atmosphere, and vibrant nightlife.


These activities offer a glimpse into the diverse and exciting experiences that the Philippines has to offer for travelers in 2024

Learn More


The PHILIPPINES had been welcoming foreign visitors last 2019 more than 8.2 million before the COVID pandemic exploded.

The top ten countries’ visitors are Korea, China,  USA, Japan, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and many more countries.


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The best time to visit the Philippines is during the dry season.

The Philippines has only two weather climates: the Rainy season and the Summer season or the wet and dry season.

The Dry season is expected month of December to May while the Rainy season occurs from June to November.


The dry season has kinds two: The cool dry season is from December to February while the hot dry season is from March to May.


The dry season is the best time for your Philippines to travel into reality and explore the Philippines in almost all tourist destinations.


January has the highest volume of foreign visitors.





Is called PESO ( PHP ). Money exchange is available at the shopping mall and ATM machines are available in major cities.

So if you are traveling to a smaller or remote island it would be better to prepare some cash before arrival.

Credit cards are accepted by most people areas.



The National language of the Philippines is Tagalog while English is the official language.

Although there are almost 200 languages spoken by different tribes and places.

You can also consider learning a little of our language before visiting our country.

Some freelancers can help you.





Philippines Christmas celebration

Catholicism is the dominant religion and churches are abundant throughout the country.

The older generation of Filipinos is known as quite religious.

Filipinos have the longest Christmas ever starting at BER months, September to December, and then going to January.

With Christmas decorations everywhere and Christmas songs playing.

Filipino loves to sing and dance. We are also known as hospitable, helpful, and friendly.

The Philippines is in the top 11 friendliest countries in 2021.

Happy and Friendly Filipinos

We called LOLA – Grandma, LOLO – Grandfather, and Tito / Tita who is uncle/aunt. Ate / Kuya for elder sister and brother.

Even if it is not our relatives we always use respectful terms to call others like Nanay even if she is not our mother, and Kuya / Ate even if they are not relatives to us as long as they are older.


People in the Philippines are called ” Filipino or Filipinos”




If you are visiting the Philippines don’t miss our Filipino cuisine!

Indulge your Philippines travel with the following best Filipino dishes.

•Adobo Chicken Or Pork Or Seafood

Image from:
Image from:

Is one of the popular dishes of FILIPINO cuisine. Cooked with soy sauce, vinegar, spices, and little brown sugar.

Other places have their version.


•Fish Kilawin

Image from:
Image from:


Made of raw fish marinated in vinegar, lemon, kalamansi, or lime juice.

Different spices like onions, ginger, tomato, chili optional, black pepper, and seasonings.



Image from:
Image from:


This means “dugo ” or blood.

This is made of pig blood and internal organs, and spices like stalks onions, ginger, red & green pepper, lemongrass, and many more to taste.



Image from:
Image from:


This is commonly made of pork belly, cooked with soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, & spices.

Filipino has a different version of humba, in which they put some, banana blossom, fried ripe banana, or pineapple tidbits.



Image from:
Image from:


This is a sour and tasty soup. One of the classic Filipino foods, usually with tamarind to flavor.


•Chicken Inasal

Image from:
Image from:

Filipino food chicken is best in Bacolod

Another Filipino dish was the best seller in Mang inasal restaurants around the Philippines.

Made of marinated grilled chicken ( thigh ).
One of the most popular foods in Bacolod city.


•Pork Sisig

Image from:
Image from:


Is a Filipino favorite pulutan, food eaten with some drinking

alcohol like at a party Made of chopped parts of pork, and liver, with some spices like peppers, onions, calamansi juice added.

Usually served on a sizzling plate in restaurants.


•Crispy Pata

Image from: foxyfolks crispy-pata
Image from: foxyfolks crispy-pata


This is one of the most famous Filipino food.

Made of pork knuckles, cooked in deep frying with a little salt to achieve crispiness.


•Beef Kare – Kare

Image from:
Image from: kare-kare


Beef Kare-Kare Filipino style, is stewed beef in a peanut butter sauce, with sauteed shrimp paste, vegetables, and annatto powder being the topmost ingredients.


•Pork Lechon


Pork Lechon Filipino food must try
Is one of the Filipino foods must try when you visit CEBU at the House of Lechon.

So delicious!
Lechon is one of the center menus on the table here in the Philippines during celebration parties.


•Halo – Halo

Image from:
Image from:


Is a Filipino-known dessert that consists of crushed ice, ice cream, ripe jackfruit

sweet corn or chickpeas, gelatin cubes, tapioca pearls, mixed fruits, ube halaya or paste, Leche flan, beans, jelly, shredded coconut, evaporated milk, and rice pop.

Popular during summer.


Image from:


Filipino street food balut is also known as an exotic food in the Philippines.

Is a boiled fertilized egg embryo eaten from the shell, it tastes like an ordinary egg with a tasty soup.
Eat balut with vinegar and salt.

This is a street food usually available during the night, the seller shouting ” balut”.

Foreign tourists who have been to the Philippines would say, you have never been to the Philippines if you will not try eating balut.



Image from:
Image from:


Is also street food and available during the early morning.

This is made of soy pudding with caramelized brown sugar, and tapioca pearls, known as a healthy nearly snack.

The seller is shouting in a tuneful voice “taho” then just shout back “taho” if you want to buy.

Filipino has a lot more food to try and enjoy!



Don’t be surprised if you hear somebody called Ma’am ( female) or Sir ( male ).

This is how we treat our visitors or even our boss, a sign of respect and politeness.

Always use PO or OPO for people older than you. Don’t call them by their first name.

Filipinos are conservative people so try to wear decent clothing not to expose your body.


Don’t go out by yourself, especially at night.

Keep your belongings close to you. Make sure your bag must be in front of you.

Always be friendly to locals and try to communicate with them too.


If they offered you something don’t refuse it. NEVER NEVER insult any Filipinos / PHILIPPINES to avoid any problems.

Tipping is not necessary but you can, and it is appreciated by locals.




Manila Terminal Airports
Learn More 


Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 (NAIA ) is an airport terminal that accommodates international flights.


NAIA Terminal 2.

Houses both domestic and international flights of Philippine Airlines, a country flag carrier airline.


NAIA Terminal 3.

The largest terminal in the Manila airport.
Accommodates international flights like Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways

Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airways, Turkish Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Etihad Airways, and United Airlines.

International and Domestic flights of Pal Express, Philippine Air Asia, and Cebu Pacific Air.


NAIA Terminal 4.

Accommodates local carriers like Cebgo, Skyjet, Airswift, and Philippine Air Asia.

Clark International Airport: Outside Manila.
This is the 2nd international airport nearest to Manila.

It takes 2-3 hours to travel going to Manila.

Always check your air tickets.



You can also avail of a transfer if you booked a hotel in Manila.

You can choose the hotel with car transfer services. For hassle-free.

There is also a standby taxi outside the airports, rates may apply.

You can book a car transfer if you need like in a Grab app. Download & install their apps.


ATM Machines And Currency Exchange

Money changers are available in both arrivals and departure areas in all airport terminals in Manila open 24/7.
Also, there are ATMs accepting foreign-issued card fees that may apply.



Free sim cards are available in Manila airports, sponsored by major telecommunications in the Philippines like Globe and Smart.

You top up your sim through all 7-Eleven in the country.



Wifi is available in the country.
Most accommodations have wifi connectivity, but connection quality may vary.



Primary transportation is through buses, ferries/shipping lines, and airlines.

For small towns, buses, tricycles, and jeepneys are common.


Just prepare some smaller bills or peso coins for fares. For big cities, taxis are common, you can also book with the Grab app.

Trains are accessible in Manila only.

You can also book car rentals if you want to self-drive and explore on your own




Things To Do in the Philippines.

Learn More


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Top Things & Activities To Do in the Philippines.

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Top things & activities to do in the Philippines

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People nowadays realize to travel everywhere in the world.

Each country has its unique beauty to explore and luxuriate in.

The Philippines is one of those countries that you just simply might get interested in going to as a tropical archipelagic destination.


I hope this blog post helps facilitate your plan of action decision on your travel journey to travel to the Philippines.

Stay connected! We publish new content every week!

Thank you so much for stopping and reading here and See you on our next blog post!
Have fun! 😘



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