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Hi!. My name is MARITES 

Allow me to share a little bit about myself, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and also graduated with a short course in Medical Transcription but never used these. 

An independent travel agent started in 2017.

But last 2020 during the start of the pandemic up to the present, I only made bookings for friends and my family on domestic flights only.

Finding New Opportunities in Challenging Times

When the pandemic hit, I knew I needed to pivot and find a new way that I believe could help me and my readers. 

That's when I discovered the power of Affiliate Marketing and Blogging. 

Last April 2022, at my 42 years old, I gave birth to my first child (Baby boy). Now, as a new mom, I have the flexibility to work from home and take care of my son Gabriel.

Discover New and Exciting Lifestyle Picks Effortlessly Through my Blog.

I love sharing lifestyle content and my mission is to simplify your online shopping experience and to link you to the brand's official website. 

Let's connect and build a community together and explore the world of lifestyle together.


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